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Patient Testimonials


"Robin Grayson Cohen has dramatically changed the quality of my health and life due to her vast knowledge, technique and experience. When I first came to see Robin, I was very sick due to allergies, excessive antibiotics, prednisone, etc. and could barely get out of bed and go to work. With each visit, I improved and grew stronger. I now can say that I am almost back to my old self, full of energy and vitality and I have learned a great deal from her. She is a warm, caring, knowledgeable and spiritual person who will treat you as an individual with respect. I would totally recommend Robin to anyone that has health issues of any sort or just needs a tune up. By the way, the acupuncture needles really do not hurt because she is so great at the technique!" - W.W., Coconut Grove, Florida


"Kudos to Dr. Robin Grayson Cohen. I was diagnosed September, 2006 with multiple food allergies which was wreaking havoc on my life. My husband happened upon an article in the Miami Herald, October 2007, it mentioned a technique called NAET, which was being used successfully for the treatment of allergies.

Dr. Grayson Cohen, an established acupuncturist as well as a NAET practitioner, was the featured doctor and was seeing success with her patients. I was accustomed to mainstream medicine, but decided to give it a chance. The results were dramatic after just 2 treatments. Amazing as it sounds, the lab work done (following the 2 NAET sessions) verified it. Food allergies were undetectable in any and all tests. I credit Dr. Grayson Cohen with her incredible abilities in utilizing NAET to achieve healthy positive changes which prompted a path back to wellness. She is truly a gifted and compassionate doctor and a credit to her profession." - P.H., Coral Gables, Florida


"Robin is a lifesaver. Our relationship began over 20 years ago when I sought out alternative treatments for fibro-myalgia. Her knowledge and attention to each individual's health issues is what has drawn our entire family to her. Robin is not just a great acupuncturist, but an exceptional person that you can trust, and be confident knowing you are receiving beneficial, healthy care." - K.W., Miami, Florida